In the USA, the success of the e-cigarette depends on the price

 In the USA, the success of the e-cigarette depends on the price

In the USA, the popularity of vaping products is due at least in part to their low prices. The journal “Preventing Chronic Disease” recently published a study carried out by researchers at the CDC (Center for Disease Control and prevention). The study shows that the drop in prices for vaping products has made e-cigarettes more popular. In fact, in between 2012 and 2016, the sales of e-cigarettes increased by 132% as prices continued to drop.

The sale of disposable devices rose by 27%, the sale of rechargeable devices by 154%, and the sale of devices with replaceable cartridges by 256%.

A noticeable drop in prices


With the help of a graph, the study shows just how much sales rose in comparison to falling prices. According to researchers at the CDC, this is no coincidence. In fact, the moment sales of disposable device began to increase corresponds to a 14% drop in price. As for e-cigarettes, there was a noticeable rise in sales once prices dropped by 12%.

Researchers at the CDC concluded that, “keeping an eye on the price of electronic cigarettes is essential for evaluating anti-tobacco strategies.”

Experts should take this study into consideration, especially experts that are wary of an increase in vaping taxes. Indeed, what is the point of taxing e-cigarettes when, according to the British health minister, the electronic cigarette is 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes? Taxes could reduce the sale of vaping products and have a detrimental effect on anti-smoking campaigns. In the USA, Trump’s newest tax, for example, could reverse the trend of e-cigarette sales.


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