USA: sexual predator offers e-cigarettes to young people

The case broke when 24-year old Luann Fabric Campos Leao Hida was arrested on August 7 for sexual assault of a minor. Hida, who is from Lakeway, Texas, developed a Machiavellian technique to goad minors into engaging in sexual acts with him.

Using the Internet as a weapon, Hida offered electronic-cigarettes, e-liquids, and alcohol to young boys in exchange for sexual favors. The authorities believe that Hida has repeatedly baited children in the Dripping Springs region of Texas, as well as in Travis and Williamson counties. A search of the home of the accused revealed a slew of incriminating evidence.

The accused is charged with solicitation of sexual acts, but also with providing minors with vaping products. According to a press briefing in Hays County, additional charges may be applied.


Calls for witnesses to build a stronger case

Currently, Hida is being held at Hays County Prison in the USA. Authorities have opened an investigation to collect further testimony from young people who may have been abused by Hida. The sheriff’s office is asking anyone who has information about the suspect to contact the police immediately.

The criminal investigation unit has also provided the public with a phone number. To obtain additional information, the police briefing also indicated that the suspect drives a silver BMW 300 and a black Jeep Liberty. The television show “Crime Stoppers” has also been helping the police by collecting anonymous testimonies.

This case is a delicate one because of the nature of the accusations and the age of the victims. However, numerous people have mobilized to provide a maximum amount of evidence and testimony, in the hopes that the accused will soon be brought to justice.


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