Favourable new vaping measures in Italy?

 Favourable new vaping measures in Italy?

Is a new vaping craze about to hit Italy? According to vice Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, recent announcements suggest there may be a revival for the electronic cigarette. Salvini declared that the vaping market was going to be reformed, with new and dedicated legislative measures. For the time being, however, little is known about the supposed new legislative framework.

For the moment, the e-cigarette makes up a very small part of the Italian economy. This is in large part due to the fact that it has borne the brunt of Big Tobacco’s monopoly, as well as high taxes and strict custom laws. For Matteo Salvini, something needs to change.

The minister has confirmed that questions surrounding the electronic cigarette will be separate from future laws on global budgeting. A major reform can be done separately, so that the government can quickly move on the question of vaping. If a delay is necessary, new measures to protect the vaping market are expected.

Defending the electronic cigarette to fight the rise of tobacco?

The announcement made by Italy’s vice Prime Minister comes at an interesting time. While tobacco consumption is dropping in many European countries, including France, the inverse is happening in Italy. In hopes of preventing this rise in smoking, the government may look into promoting the development of the e-cigarette.

If there are still legislative decisions to be made, it appears that Matteo Salvini wants to help the electronic cigarette sector. The goal is to normalize e-cigarette regulations in order to facilitate the development of vaping throughout Italy.

The Italian govern ment’s new policy is that much more important because it goes against the wishes of the European Commission. It is widely known that the commission is seeking to introduce taxes on vaping products throughout Europe. It will be interesting, then, to learn the specific details of the measures, soon to be adopted by the Italian government.


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