When will vapers get their own Rolling Club?

 When will vapers get their own Rolling Club?

The Rolling Club therolling.clubThe Rolling Club is a new subscription service to get rolling papers delivered to your mail box every month. This avoids smokers from having to purchase or order this basic product. Over and over again. In vaping, there is a similar consumable: resistive wire and wicking, AKA coils.

The democratisation of vaping coincided with the trend for subscription boxes on the internet. Very quickly, e-liquid box sets appeared on the market. It’s a clever idea: e-juice is a consumable, and vapers need to refill their tanks on a regular basis. However, there is a certain pleasure in picking out your juices, finding the perfect combo of flavour and texture. This suits the brick-and-mortar shop, as you can try out juices on the spot.  However, when it comes to the other main consumable, resistances, the purchase experience is rather boring. Whether you need Kanthal wire and cotton wicking, or rather pre-made coils, you’ll be going to the vape shop regularly to buy exactly the same thing.

It is in this manner that vaping professionals should be inspired by The Rolling Club: take out the boring part of the process, and only keep the interesting part, juice purchases, which evolve.

Start-ups who offer e-liquid boxes, even though they ask vapers what types of flavours they like, replace the selection process with a surprise. This works, but they are missing an essential opportunity.

The Rolling Club therolling.club

Resistance is futile

And what if the solution was to stop using resistances altogether?

Atomisers that require no coils have hit the market, but are struggling to win over vaping enthusiasts.  And they still require certain consumables. You just can’t win! If you want to learn more about donuts and other permanent resistive systems, we talked about the subject here.


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