CBD: when vaping heals eczema

 CBD: when vaping heals eczema

Ever since the e-cigarette’s arrival on the market, numerous studies have confirmed its positive effects for treating certain diseases. We already know that it can help prevent the development of cancer as well as fight cardio-vascular diseases. New studies now suggest that vaping can also cure other ills.  

In any case, such are the conclusions of Cheryl Halliburton, a young woman who has been suffering from eczema for years. Eczema, a skin condition that is uncomfortable and can be painful, prevented her from being able to go out. No treatment, from topical creams to steroids, seemed to help Cheryl’s affliction … at least not until she tried vaping CBD.


Vaping CBD: a potential cure for eczema?

Following yet another eczema breakout that sent her to the hospital, Cheryl discovered CBD. Although she initially began smoking it, she recently discovered that she can also vape it, which led to what she describes as nothing short of a “miracle.”

After using the product for a few weeks, little by little, Cheryl’s eczema began to disappear. While no previous treatment had been able to alleviate Cheryl’s suffering, vaping “saved her”. Cheryl has, in effect, been able to return to work and resume a normal life. Her rash has almost disappeared completely, and for the time being her eczema hasn’t returned. Cheryl has made clear that she has no plans of going back: although the relationship between vaping CBD and treating eczema remains unknown, it seems to be a very real benefit.

New studies analyzing the e-cigarette’s potential to treat skin conditions should be coming out soon. Both psychological and physiological hypotheses are of course possible. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that once again, the e-cigarette seems to not only be safe, but indeed a health benefit for certain people.


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