England: £12,000 of stolen merchandise in vape shop

 England: £12,000 of stolen merchandise in vape shop

During the nights of August 17 and 18, 2018, an electronic cigarette boutique owned by one Mr. Mitchell was robbed. The store reported £12,000 in stolen merchandise, not including property damage. This is a hard hit for a store that only opened 18 months ago.

The thieves most likely cased the location before breaking in, because they were able to enter the building from the roof. As they moved through the building, they deactivated security cameras and were able to break into the store with a crowbar.

Chris Mitchell, the store’s owner, explained that he was on his way to the store when he received a phone call. The owner of the store next to Mitchell’s boutique told him that there was store merchandise strewn about the road. Once inside, Mitchell confirmed that there had been a robbery. After taking inventory, he estimated the cost at £12,000 plus material damage. Currently, the burglars are still on the loose.


An upsurge in burglaries worries shop owners

Like in many other places, French vape shops are also increasingly becoming the target of burglars.  These stores are easy prey because of the rise in the price of certain vaping devices, some of which can be sold for as much as €200. Thieves can often sell stolen products for major profits, since the small size of vaping devices makes them easy to transport and doesn’t require much logistics.

Tobacconists throughout France have seen an upsurge in recent burglaries, with a 7% rise in 2017. Since a packet of cigarettes now costs €10, tobacconists believe the scourge will continue, and are becoming increasingly afraid for their own safety.


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