The fight against tobacco intensifies with 10 new drugs

 The fight against tobacco intensifies with 10 new drugs

Washington State University

Recently, an American research team developed over ten new drugs to help smokers quit with their addiction. This discovery represents a significant step forward and, if brought to market, will expand the therapeutic arsenal in the fight against tobacco addiction.

These innovative new drugs developed by the laboratory at the University of Washington State all target the cytochrome P450 2A6 (CYP2A6). This enzyme, located in the liver, is involved in breaking down nicotine.

Researchers were able to identify molecules that can block (or at least reduce) the activity of CYP2A6. Administration of these enzymatic inhibitors reduces the speed of nicotine decomposition. They also help maintain a high level of this psychoactive substance in the body. After taking these new medications, a smoker should feel less nicotine withdrawal, which would of course lead to lower consumption rates.

Washington State University

A promising and innovative discovery in the fight against tobacco

Travis Denton, one of the researchers involved in the study, is a former smoker who knows just how hard it can be to quit smoking. According to him, taking a pill would be a major help for struggling smokers.

It took 15 years of research to envision, synthesize and test these new drugs. Bringing them to the market, however, is not going to be immediate. Human clinical trials have yet to be conducted, and are necessary to verify the safety of these drugs. Bringing these drugs to market is also subject to FDA approval.

In France, two drugs are currently available for smoking cessation: Zyban and Champix. However, both medicines are controversial because of numerous and adverse side effects. The mode of action of these two drugs is to act on neuronal signalling. The molecules devised by Travis Denton, on the other hand, target an enzyme in the liver.


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