Ampking covers its clients in case of battery-related damages

 Ampking covers its clients in case of battery-related damages

In the last few years, multiple incidents involving electronic cigarette batteries have been reported. The risks, which include batteries causing fires and even explosions, are generally related to faulty batteries. To reassure users, the Ampking brand is offering insurance for any damages related to defective batteries.

Ampking presents itself as a “professional energy provider.” It makes batteries for telephones, digital cameras, and e-cigarettes. Its products are known for their high quality, especially their lithium-ion/polymer batteries, which are used in numerous devices.

The manufacturer announced its partnership with insurance companies to cover the costs of defective batteries. Now, specialized companies located in Taiwan will reimburse any costs associated with material or bodily damages. More than anything else, Ampking is hoping to reassure users that its batteries are safe. The new guarantee shows that the company is serious, and that it is willing to provide a new service to its clients.


Global insurance for vape users

This precaution is in response to the vaping industry’s opponents, who argue that the batteries used in vaping devices aren’t safe and that electronic cigarettes are dangerous. However, the few accidents reported in the past few years were almost always caused by user negligence.

Fires or explosions caused by defective batteries are extremely rare. The products on the market are high quality, and are further subjected to extensive testing. Indeed, irresponsible users are usually at the source of battery-related fires. Nonetheless, some people have sustained serious injuries as a result of defective products.

Ampking’s proposed insurance is a form of a guarantee for all of its users, and it is applicable throughout the world, covering both material and physical damages. By offering insurance, the brand hopes that vape users will feel safer when using the company’s batteries. It will be interesting to see if other e-cigarette manufacturers adopt this new type of battery insurance.


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