Philip Morris could be bringing vaping to the United Arab Emirates

 Philip Morris could be bringing vaping to the United Arab Emirates

In the last few years, the growth of electronic cigarettes has made business difficult for the tobacco industry. They have been doing everything in their power to catch up, offering alternatives to smoking in various formats. Philip Morris International may be breaking new ground in exporting vaping to the United Arab Emirates.

This shocking piece of news was revealed by website ChurnMag. The article states that the UAE may authorise the import of electronic cigarettes. Currently, all vaping products are banned in the country. Another surprise: Philip Morris will be the company to bring vaping to the country!

The site stated that this change may be the result of an alliance between the tobacco giant and ESMA, a local consumer protection group. Though nothing has yet been announced officially, this may be a major change for the country.  The UAE imposes strict sanctions on any persons importing electronic cigarettes on the black market.

Vaping soon to be legal in United Arab Emirates?

According to Churnmag, Philip Morris International represenatives confirmed they were in direct contact with ESMA. The group is considering “the best way to regulate these new tobacco products”. Is this a sign that e-cigs will soon be legalized?

With no official statement from local authorities, little is known for certain. And yet, the part played by Philip Morris in this process may seem questionable. When one of the biggest cigarette manufacturers in the world becomes an ambassador to vaping, something fishy must be going on.

The introduction of vaping to the UAE would be good news on the surface. However, the fact that it is Philip Morris attempting to capture this potential market is a little worrying. Tobacco alternatives manufactured by a cigarette company may not be as tobacco-free as we might expect.


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