5 000 THC pods seized in Western Nebraska

 5 000 THC pods seized in Western Nebraska

In just three days, Nebraskan authorities seized over 80 pounds of marijuana and over 5,000 THC e-cigarette pods in the western part of the state. Authorities also arrested 5 people.

The Nebraskan State Police announced the news in a statement made by a police officer that got lucky on a routine traffic stop. The policeman noticed that the car did not pull over and allow an emergency vehicle to pass. Following the traffic stop, the policeman smelled cannabis; a search led to the discovery of 5,000 THC pods.

The two passengers in the vehicle, Mohamed Abdulla, 25 years old, from Brooklyn, New York, and Sarhan Abdullah, 43 years old, from Connecticut, were arrested. Both have been accused of possession with intent to sell, possession of a controlled substance, and illegal possession of drugs without a tax stamp. Both men were transferred to Lincoln County Prison.


SUV pulled over for speeding

Another traffic stop ended with the seizure of 26 pounds of marijuana, which was found in an SUV. The police officers suspected criminal activity and searched the car before making the discovery. Keshi Wu, 38 years old, from Alameda, California, and Minchao Yu, 36 years old, from Brooklyn, New York, were arrested. They were both transferred to the prison in Kimball County.

Finally, another SUV was stopped the next day, once again for speeding. A search of the car led to the discovery of 55 pounds of marijuana in the trunk, which led to the arrest of the driver, Viktoria Belan, 40 years old, from Mount Prospect, Illinois. She was transferred to the Lincoln County Prison


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