A vape shop robbed twice in two days!

 A vape shop robbed twice in two days!

Strange and troubling news has just come out of Miami. The owner of a vape shop recently reported two robberies in the same week. Numerous products were stolen from the premises … are vape shops going to become the new target of choice for petty criminals? 

David Marquez has been the proud owner of Miami’s Vaporize Me Smoke and Tobacco for six years. Up until now, he has never had a problem with burglary. Last week, however, he had two break-ins in 48 hours.

The thieves were caught on surveillance camera footage. On Tuesday morning, the thieves broke through the front door; the robbery was reported and the store was cleaned up during the day. On Wednesday night, however, it appears the thieves—or a new group of hooligans—came back. This time, they broke the window to gain entry.

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A worrying series of burglaries

Situated on the corner of southwest Eighth Street and Seventh Avenue, David Marquez’s shop could have done without the bad press. The owner, understandably, is still in shock, and is thinking about installing extra safety measures to reinforce the store’s security.

In the aftermath of the two robberies, Marquez said that over $50,000 of merchandise was stolen. The owner estimates that the first robbery cost him $20,000, with the second costing $30,000. Although the alarm system and surveillance cameras worked, the thieves remain at large.

This troubling news brings up new questions about the risks of owning a vape shop. Should vape shops be equipped with metallic gratings and doors to prevent thieves from being tempted? Thankfully, in France, no similar types of back-to-back robberies have been reported.


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