Theoretically, could one vape Venom symbiotes?

 Theoretically, could one vape Venom symbiotes?

The recent blockbuster in the Marvel Universe franchise “Venom” has hit the screens to wide acclaim. While the critics are split down the middle on Tom Hardy’s performance, the movie also asks some interesting questions. Some of these may not be the questions one would expect… For example:  Would it be possible, or desirable, to vape a symbiote?

Venom is one of the most popular villains in the Spider-man saga. The latest live-action performance by Tom Hardy was not enough to convince Gizmodo journalist Hudson Hongo. This tech reporter chose to explore a unique question: what would happen if one were to vape the alien parasite that gave Venom his powers.

To answer this fundamentally necessary question, the journalist decided to investigate and contacted Shane Campbell-Staton. The University of California Biology professor happens to be a regular on The Biology of Superheroes podcast. This evidently made her the best candidate to tackle this deeply troubling scientific inquiry.


Vaping a symbiote: bad for health or recipe for superpowers?

The professor was unambigious: there is no reason you couldn’t use the alien being as e-liquid for your vaping device. But what about the symbiote, woud it survive the process? This is the real thorny part of the question. Venom’s kryptonite is fire, and e-cigs rely on an electric current to heat liquids.

Would this operation pulverise this powerful alien parasite into nothingness? Maybe not, said Campbell-Staton. Indeed, the symbiote crossed the universe on an asteroid, exposed to solar winds and thrown across the Kelvin scale without a scratch. Surviving a passage through an electronic cigarette (with an atomiser reaching approximately 150 °C) seems like no big deal in comparison.

While the operation may be possible, would it be a good idea for the adventurous vaping enthusiast? According to Shane Campbell-Staton, the symbiote would most likely “destroy the host body”. Or possibly connect with it to create a new breed of superhero, or super-villain… Who knows? Maybe this is what the writers need to know for the sequel, with or without Tom Hardy as a heroic vaping enthusiast… In the meantime, the rest of us should probably stick to e-juices that comply with health regulations


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