Belgium: A vape story robbery turns into a charade

 Belgium: A vape story robbery turns into a charade

In both the United States and in Europe, there has been a rise in vape store robberies in the last few months. And perhaps it was due to this phenomenon that a few Belgian delinquents tried to participate in the trend. Hilariously, when multiple burglars entered the vape store, the manager asked the thieves to “come back later,” and they accepted …

This has to be one of the most surreal robberies of the year. The true story took place on Saturday, October 20 in Montignies-sur-Sambre in the Charleroi region of Belgium. At 3pm, the thieves, armed with only their belts, decided to rob a vape shop.

Didier, the store’s owner, asked the thieves to come back later, telling them that the cash register would be more full around 6:30pm. Despite all expectations, the burglars accepted the deal, thus allowing the shop owner to avoid a robbery altogether.

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Amateur thieves get caught

The thieves were incredibly gullible, thinking that by coming back later they could make out with more cash. At 5:30pm, they returned, to which the owner replied, “Buy yourselves a watch.” Although angered by the owner’s rude comment, the thieves decided to leave with their hands empty. One hour later, however, they returned, expecting to empty the register …

Of course, during this time Didier informed the police. Multiple policemen in street clothes waited for the burglars to arrive. Sadly for the burglars, in the end they were not able to rob the store before being apprehended. Five people were arrested, including one minor.

While this story is comedic, in could have had darker consequences. For Vincent Fiasse, the prosecutor of Charleroi, things could have gone very badly, potentially involving a hostage situation with the thieves with their backs to the wall. Thankfully, nobody was hurt during this strange story from Belgium.


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