Tobacco dangers are particularly affecting women

 Tobacco dangers are particularly affecting women

Although smoking rates have been dropping in France, tobacco still represents a very real danger. According to the latest figures, this is particularly the case for women, and authorities need to encourage people to quit smoking during France’s tobacco-free month, the Mois Sans Tabac.

An investigation ordered by the ministry of health recently revealed some worrying statistics. In the last ten years, lung cancer has gone up by 72% amongst women. Amongst men, rates have remained stagnant.

Another worrying statistic: according to the investigation, 24% of French women are smokers. There has been no significant drop in the number of French female smokers in the last few years. Amongst men, however, the rates have dropped by 20% in the last forty years, from 60% down to 40%.

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Smoking rates amongst women not dropping fast enough

The results of the investigation show that smoking rates amongst women have only dropped slightly since 2017, showing that the health problems that have been affecting men are no longer a primary concern. Today, women are suffering from the same amount of smoking-related diseases.

The investigation commissioned by the French health authorities also revealed that between 2002 and 2014, twice as many women as men died from tobacco-related diseases.

In order to combat this worrying trend, France’s tobacco-free month was renewed this year. From October 31 until November 29, numerous initiatives will be carried out throughout France to help people quit smoking. The electronic cigarette of course plays a major role in helping smokers wean themselves off of tobacco.


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