Numerous counterfeit CBD e-liquids exist in the USA

 Numerous counterfeit CBD e-liquids exist in the USA

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is sounding the alarm: in the last year, numerous poisoning cases due to counterfeit e-liquids have been reported in the USA. And what all of these cases have in common? All of the e-liquids in question have had a cannabidiol base (CBD), which is used for therapeutic purposes.

CBDResearchers at Virginia Commonwealth University have just revealed the results of their latest study. Amongst 9 CBD e-liquids available on the market, 4 contain the cannabinoid synthetic 5F-ADB, which may in fact be much dangerous to health.

Another e-liquid in the research study contained dextromethorphane, which has well known psychoactive effects. Therapeutic cannabis is legal in 30 states in the USA, but these synthetic products present a real risk to consumers, especially since CBD e-liquids are often used for treating depression and epilepsy.


Over 200 poisoning cases

American health authorities are afraid that a new wave of poisonings may soon occur. In the last 10 months, there have been over 200 hospitalizations associated with counterfeit CBD e-liquids. The e-liquids in question contained synthetic cannabinoids, which contains psychotropic effects.

Although the products that were tested had the “CBD oil” label, they were still deemed unsafe. The researchers also criticized the lack of information about the product in the product description. To be clear, CBD does not pose a health risk, but the same cannot be said for products containing cannabinoids. According to the ACS, consumers as well as manufacturers must be informed about all potential dangers.

Currently, most of the poisoning cases have occurred in Utah and on the east coast of the USA. The problem may be much larger, however, and health authorities are insisting that manufacturers adopt clear standards for the sale of CBD e-liquids. Such a measure would prevent counterfeit products from making it to the market. The American Chemical Society is asking for a certified label for CBD-based products.


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