Vape Skins: your new favourite box decoration

 Vape Skins: your new favourite box decoration

If your box mod is starting to look a bit dated, there are most likely two reasons for this: first of all, scratched surfaces, and secondly, the box coating (paint, anodization, etc.) may also be starting to fade or fall apart. Fear no more, as there is now a solution to give your box a makeover: Vape Skins!


Vape Skins are pre-cut vinyl stickers with the exact dimensions of popular box formats. Is this just a gimmick? Not at all. For years now vinyl has been a popular choice to cover entire vehicles to protect them from small scratches and gravel when on the road. Vinyl also provides a user-friendly method to change vehicle colour and cover up scratches at a fraction of the cost of a paint job. With Vape Skins, the same principle applies.

 Picking your custom kit

skinsAmong the top brands for Vape Skins you will find Vapor SkinzZap Wrap or J Wraps. We recommend using a popular or at least tried-and-tested brand for a quality sticker. As you can expect, a vape skin will be subject to wildly varying temperatures, and also the abrasion of frequent manipulation. Glue quality is therefore critical.

Manufacturers offer a range of finishes, including matte and glossy. Then you can find more distinct variations, from wood to carbon fibre, and even a “Petrol” iridescence. This latter style, like a beetle carapace, will change colour depending on ambient light.

Be warned, however, that while Vape Skins protect your box from scratches, the main argument for using them is changing the style of your box unit. Vinyl cannot protect your box from damage due to falls or impacts, as a silicone cover would. And finally, when it comes to the cost, you’ll have to invest from 15 to 20€ on average. This may seem like a lot for a sticker, but when it comes to protecting your vaping gear, you get what you pay for.


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