E-cigarettes are walking the bride down the aisle in the USA

 E-cigarettes are walking the bride down the aisle in the USA

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A new trend has started to take root at wedding ceremonies, with young couples at asking to be photographed while vaping. This recent fad comes from the USA and has an evocative name: the vape wedding.

The number of vape wedding posts on social media has exploded, and companies specialized in vape weddings are even starting to pop up. Vape wedding planners” give advice to future couples on decorations and how to pose in a glorious vaping cloud.

Vaporfi, an American website that sells vaping products, has even published a practical guide to take advantage of the trend. The booklet outlines techniques for how to best highlight the vape cloud during the photo shoot. The website also offers a variety of vaping devices to guests, and it doesn’t look like this new fad is going anywhere.

A controversial trend

Numerous people have spoken out against this new craze, as they believe that the vape wedding trivializes vaping as well as a special moment to be shared between family and numerous children.   

The aesthetic of these vape wedding photos may offer a glamorous image of vaping, but while e-cigarettes are much less harmful than tobacco, vaping should not be so blatantly encouraged. E-liquids often contain nicotine, which is of course known for being addictive.

The vape wedding hasn’t reached France just yet. For now, confetti guns, soap bubbles, and showering the newly weds in rice remain the standard. However, more and more city halls are banning these traditions due to questions of cleanliness and security. So perhaps future French couples will take to the vape wedding trend to get around the law and get some unique, original photos out of it.


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