Last month, a new civic initiative in Europe to adopt new vaping regulations began. The movement could push the European Union to rethink its position on the usefulness of e-cigarettes for smokers. In order for the initiative to succeed, however, one million European citizens must sign the petition by this time next year.

Since 2012, civic European initiatives (ICE) have allowed individuals to propose new initiatives throughout the European Union. In February 2019, seven citizens (from seven different countries) launched an initiative to rethink e-cigarettes. Calling for “more intelligent vaping regulations,” the proposal will soon be submitted for public approval.

The goal is to modify the Tobacco Products Directive (DPT). By associating e-cigarettes with traditional cigarettes, DPT is quite harsh on vaping products. The movement’s creators are hoping for clear and fair regulations on vaping products as well as easy access for smokers hoping to quit smoking cigarettes.

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Campaign to be launched this April

The initiative is also asking to provide smokers with more information about vaping. The initiative has asked for an authorization to sell flavored liquids (minors will be prohibited from purchasing e-cigarettes altogether); it is also asking authorities to base vaping regulations on scientific evidence.

Indeed, numerous British reports have supported the hypothesis that e-cigarettes help people quit smoking. But while public health authorities in England have encouraged people to turn towards vaping as a reliable nicotine substitute, the EU is far from accepting a similar position.

Starting in April, the petition for new vaping regulations will be made public. The petition’s organizers will have one year to collect one million signatures, coming from citizens from at least seven member countries. Although there is no guarantee of success, this initiative will help inform the general European public about e-cigarettes.


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