Grant Gustin, leading actor in “The Flash” caught vaping on a plane

 Grant Gustin, leading actor in “The Flash” caught vaping on a plane

29-Year old American actor Grant Gustin was the cause of a high-altitude panic incident when flying Compass Airlines. The protagonist from “The Flash” could not contain his desire to vape when flying from LA to Vancouver, despite the brevity of the 3-hour flight. He retired to the lavatory to take a few puffs quietly… But his totally forbidden act did not go under the radar. His e-cig vapour spread to the aircraft’s cockpit and triggered the smoke alarm.

Caught red-handed, Grant Gustin’s e-cigarette was immediately confiscated by the air hostess, while the pilots were forced to complete the trip wearing oxygen masks. Thankfully, the aircraft and its 68 passengers were not forced to re-route for an emergency landing, and the flight wasn’t even delayed.

Once on Canadian soil, the young actor was given a symbolic punishment. He got off with a warning. The young Hollywood celebrity did not care to comment on the embarrassing ordeal.

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The legal situation: vapes on a plane

This anecdote highlights some important questions on the subject of vaping in aircraft. Currently, almost all airlines forbid vaping during commercial flights. The reasons are simple enough: vapour can bother other passengers, but above all there is the safety issue: vapour emitted by these devices carry the risk of  triggering smoke detectors.

Before you board a flight, it is vital that you know the rules you must obey. The International Civil Aviation Organization or ICAO has banned all electronic-cigarette batteries in stored luggage. This decision was due to a number of cases where e-cigs were somehow switched on and fired up during luggage check-in. In the cabin, batteries are allowed, but you cannot charge your devices.


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