(Awful) heavy metal to spread awareness of the dangers of vaping!

 (Awful) heavy metal to spread awareness of the dangers of vaping!

It cannot be ignored, pollution is destroying the planet from pole to pole. But did you know that electronic cigarettes are one of the leading causes of this devastation! A shocking revelation, straight from the horse’s mouth… That is to say quoted directly from the lyrics of an American heavy metal music video.

Founded in 1999, the Truth Initiative is non-profit organisation and self-proclaimed crusader in the fight against tobacco. With their 1-billion dollar budget, the association is above all famous for its anti-vaping stance. One of the most recent projects it chose to finance (from an annual 100-million dollar investment budget) is particularly worthy of attention, if only for comedy value.

Truth initiative released a heavy metal track and music video decrying the electronic cigarette industry (can’t get any cooler than that…). Incredibly, this track was written to raise awareness among teenage music-lovers. The musicians lambast electronic cigarettes for outlandish reasons including the accusation that inspired the title: apparently e-cigs are chock full of heavy metals and plastics. While this applies to just about anything electronic, according to the rockers these substances are made of dark magic and could cause the end of the world… Right.


The offending party:

A strange and unwelcome initiative

A strange project to say the least, be it in style or in substance. But strangest of all is this anti-smoking association makes no mention of the pollution caused by cigarette ends which cause massive damage to ecosystems and water bodies. Sweeter varieties of Juul e-juices are also called out by the band, parroting the FDA’s well-oiled rhetoric.

Musically speaking, the Truth Initiative needs a dose of its own medicine, and in truth, they are terrible. The track is flavourless, the lyrics shallow, and the video editing amateurish at best. It hurts to think of how much the clip cost given these unfortunate results.

While far from convincing, the clip has great comedy value, which may be its only saving grace. All we can say is that with this calibre of opponents, the vaping industry shouldn’t have too much to worry about…


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