Dubai maintains skeptical attitude towards vaping

 Dubai maintains skeptical attitude towards vaping

Since 2017, a strict anti-vaping law has been in effect across Dubai. It is forbidden to use electronic cigarettes in public spaces, and any infraction will cost you a significant amount in fines. While the sale of vaping products has been legalised, authorities have maintained the ban on consumption in the open.

If you are travelling to the UAE, be careful and keep your vape pen or box mod safely tucked away!

Electronic cigarettes are inclued in the tobacco laws that forbid their consumption in public spaces. These include schools, commercial spaces such as malls, hospitals, and places of worship.

Vaping in the privacy of your own car is also forbidden in most cases. If you get caught, you risk upto 460 euros in fines. The UAE has stated that they are being particularly vigilant towards consumption of any prohibited products in the coming months.

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Vape sales authorized recently

Since this February, authorities decided to legalise the sale of vaping products across the UAE. The new law, known as “UAE.S 5030”, is going into effect very soon. Electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and electronic chichas will as of this quarter be sold in Dubai and the UAE.

This is a major advance which is most likely a response to the thriving black market for e-cigs that took root in the country. Framing vaping in a legal system will allow the country to control products being sold within its borders.This will go a long way towards protecting the health of vaping enthusiasts and ex-smokers.

The UAE is highly concerned with the risks of tobacco-related diseases. Promoting vaping is a proven policy to change smoking habits. Still, the ban on vaping in public spaces is symptomatic of an anti-vaping bias in the general public, which complicates the situation.


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