British food banks may start giving away free vaping kits

 British food banks may start giving away free vaping kits

The United Kingdom is without a doubt the most progressive country in the world when it comes to vaping. Further proof that vaping is a legitimate alternative to smoking can now be found in the food banks in Hertfordshire, which may start offering free vaping kits!

Situated north of London, the county of Hertfordshire is home to 1.2 million people. Jim McManus, who is acting public health director for Hertfordshire’s County Council, has just proposed a new and interesting idea: Hertfordshire Tobacco Control Strategic Plan 2019-22, which would offer free vaping kits to smokers.

A lot of smokers who visit the county’s food banks, and such a decision would increase their chances of quitting smoking, especially because the electronic cigarette is known as viable and effective option.

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Promoting e-cigarette access for those in need

The new proposal is based on the county’s latest data on tobacco consumption. 12.7% of the population smokes, but this number jumps to 24.6% for low-income earners. It is thus necessary and important to find innovative methods to help financially strapped citizens who want to quit smoking.

According to public officials, distributing free vaping materials in food banks would be an effective initiative, as it would significantly reduce health risks associated with smoking.

According to the authorities, this would also reduce costs for the county. Taking care of smokers who are suffering from serious illnesses is indeed quite a challenge for any community. Even if this new proposal is accepted, the technical aspects of it have yet to be confirmed, since EU-specific regulations most be respected.


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