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New Zealand: vaping recommended by the government

Electronic cigarettes are one step closer to becoming a smoking cessation tool officially recommended by the Ministry for Health in New Zealand. While vaping is still banned in public spaces, electronic cigarettes have been studied extensively and conclusions are clear that they represent a safer alternative to tobacco. A campaign is scheduled for launch in August encouraging smokers, in […]En savoir plus

Scientific studies

Study: choosing the correct dose of nicotine can help fight tobacco dependency

A new study carried about by an English university shows that allowing smokers to choose their nicotine dose at the moment they quit tobacco increases their chances of success. Dunja Przulj, a psychologist working at Queen Mary University of London, carried out the study, which shows that nicotine replacement therapies are more successful when smokers […]En savoir plus


France’s tobacco-free month sees a 54% increase in participation

France’s tobacco-free month, the “Mois sans Tabac,” was launched in 2016 and saw immediate, resounding success. The 2018 edition has also been extremely successful, thanks to a significant increase in the number of participants. Today, it appears that the general public is finally aware of the importance of initiatives to fight tobacco addiction.  France’s tobacco-free […]En savoir plus


The return of Stoptober in the United Kingdom

A new edition of Stoptober, the English version of France’s “month without tobacco,” began on October 1. The goal of Stoptober is to give smokers who want to quit smoking the best chance at succeeding. A study recently revealed that receiving help when quitting smoking multiplies the chances of succeeding by 500%. According to the […]En savoir plus