France: new smoking ban on the beaches of Sanary-sur-Mer

 France: new smoking ban on the beaches of Sanary-sur-Mer

The town of Sanary-sur-mer has decided to ban smoking on public beaches. The decision was made after the creation of a partnership with the League Against Cancer. This new regulation will also include a ban on vaping.

The town of 17,000 inhabitants is the first department in the Var region to carry the label of having “tobacco free beaches.” This new certification, given by the League Against Cancer, may prove to be beneficial to seaside resorts, since a tobacco-free beach is obviously more attractive to families and non-smokers. Today, many tourists also make a point to avoid beaches polluted with cigarettes.

In 2011, Ciotat became the first town in France to ban smoking on its beaches. Last year, there were only 50 tobacco-free beaches in France. The ban had three objectives: to reduce second-hand smoke, help smokers quit, and to reduce cigarette butt pollution.

A major decision to affect Sanary’s vaping community

However, there is a flip side with this new decree: vapers will not be allowed to use their devices on any beach in Sanary-sur-mer. The mayor invoked questions of second-hand vapor, which he said could be dangerous to young people. Even though e-cigarettes only contain nicotine, according to the mayor the ban should be applied to electronic cigarettes as well as related products.

However, vaping products do not contain any of the toxic chemicals in tobacco products, and the term second-hand smoke should not be applied to e-cigarettes. Moreover, unlike cigarettes, there are no e-cigarette butts and so they do not pollute.


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