Nicorette launches a new nicotine lozenge

 Nicorette launches a new nicotine lozenge

Nicorette is launching a new nicotine substitute, and this one is one of the most original on the market. The tab is a hard candy with menthol flavouring. These candy-like lozenges have been the brand’s the brand’s flagship product for a decade, designed to make quitting smoking more fun.

The research & development by GSK for this product started 7 years ago. Their main challenge was to mask the bitter taste of nicotine, which users often complain about. The brand manager, Scott Yacovino, declared that given the difficulty of quitting smoking, improving attractiveness and flavour was a major priority. Nicorette went to great pains to improve the flavour of this product, to ensure users would enjoy the experience.


A very low success rate for quitting smoking

A study performed in 2016 demonstrated that of 55 % of adult smokers who tried to quit, only 7,4 % were successful. And while nicotine substitutes can improve your odds when trying to quit, Nicorette sales have fallen 2% in the past 5 years.

Though there are other causes, this fall could be explained in large part by the success of e-cigs. Scott Yacovino has stated that there is no research affirming that vaping can help people quit smoking. He added that Nicorette products are FDA-approved, while e-cigarettes have no clinical backing in this regard. But it seems that smokers on the journey to a healthier lifestyle never got the memo, and e-cigs are doing a better job than Nicorette products.

Nicorette’s brand manager declared that GSK is always on the look-out for new products, and takes great care to ensure they are compliant with FDA standards. He has not made any statements on any Nicorette development of e-cigs.


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