Study proves e-cigarette’s effectiveness in tobacco weaning

 Study proves e-cigarette’s effectiveness in tobacco weaning

A study that just appeared in the “Addiction” journal shows that e-cigarettes and a drug (varenicline) increase the chances of quitting smoking. This particular study also supports a January 2019 study, which shows that for people hoping to quit smoking, vaping is twice as effective as nicotine substitutes.

The 4 researchers behind the study work at University College London. Their research was based on answers from a questionnaire surveying 19,000 smokers. Participants had to live in England, be over sixteen years old, and they had to have tried to quit smoking at least once in the previous year. Over 50% of the participants used one or more tobacco weaning techniques.

The most common strategy used was a variety of nicotine substitutes, either prescribed by a doctor or simply bought in a pharmacy. 36% of the study’s participants favored this type of strategy.

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12.7% of participants choose e-cigarettes

The other choices were e-cigarettes (12.7%), varenicline (5.5%) and behavioral therapy (4.6%). During the study, 16% of participants managed to quit smoking tobacco, the majority of whom used tobacco substitutes. It’s worth stating, however, that 16.8% succeeded without anything.

In terms of those who chose the combination of e-cigarettes and varenicline, the success rate was 95% and 82% compared to those who did not take anything. As for users of nicotine substitutes, 34% were able to stop smoking.

It is worth noting that the results of this study varied depending on age, level of dependence, and the participants’ economic and social status. For example, nicotine substitutes were effective on older participants. For those with the most nicotine dependence, hypnotherapy and coaching revealed themselves to be the least effective options.


Jean-Pascal est le scientifique de l'équipe BlogVape. Ancien journaliste médical, il a trouvé dans la vape un moyen d'arrêter de fumer qu'il souhaite désormais transmettre.

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