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Tobacco product traceability now mandatory in Europe

The 2014 anti-tobacco initiative was voted by the European parliament, but there are difficulties enforcing directives among member States. This week, a new measure is rolling out across the EU. The traceability of cigarette packs is a necessary first step to reducing black market cigarettes in Europe. Announced in 2014, the law was only applied to France in November 2018. […]En savoir plus

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A petition (ECI) launched to exclude e-cigs from tobacco product category

Some time ago, a European citizen initiative (ECI) with the goal of excluding e-cigs from tobacco product regulations was developed and launched. The initiative has been opened up to the public via Vapingisnottobacco.eu, a dedicated platform where you can sign. The objective: 1 million signatures. This is the minimum requirement for any action to be taken at the EU level. […]En savoir plus

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Researchers contradict the European Commission’s findings

The electronic cigarette hasn’t been getting any favors from the EU’s public authorities, and a recent declaration by the European Commission has further alarmed researchers and vaping professionals. By comparing the e-cigarette to “poison,” European authorities are ignoring much of the scientific evidence that has come to light in recent years. Arūnas Vinčiūnas is the […]En savoir plus