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Consumers against increased taxes on vaping

With the debates raging around vaping, who else than consumers would be qualified to decide on this issue? In any case, this is the opinion of the European Commission who recently organised a public survey. The question asked concerned taxation of vaping products at the same rate as tobacco products. The answers were almost unanimous, […]En savoir plus

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Sign the petition to help distinguish between vaping and smoking

The arrival of the e-cigarette in Europe has helped 7.5 million people quit smoking. And yet, those who oppose the device are stubbornly refusing to differentiate between vaping and smoking. Currently, the e-cigarette, just like traditional cigarettes, is subject to numerous taxes. 16 pro-vaping and anti-smoking associations are currently fighting against this tax. They are […]En savoir plus

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European vaping policies the subject of a new report

It is difficult to make sense of the various vaping policies throughout European. In order to inform the public, the European Policy Information Center (Epicenter) has published a report on the current state of European vaping policies. This reports gives an exhaustive overview of how different countries throughout the European Union view the e-cigarette. The […]En savoir plus