Sign the petition to help distinguish between vaping and smoking

 Sign the petition to help distinguish between vaping and smoking

The arrival of the e-cigarette in Europe has helped 7.5 million people quit smoking. And yet, those who oppose the device are stubbornly refusing to differentiate between vaping and smoking. Currently, the e-cigarette, just like traditional cigarettes, is subject to numerous taxes.

16 pro-vaping and anti-smoking associations are currently fighting against this tax. They are trying to remind health authorities that vaping has numerous benefits over smoking. Vaping significantly reduces the risk of health issues associated with smoking. More importantly, fewer public health issues means a significant financial benefit to health organizations.


Pro-vaping associations in a European fight

The associations involved in the petition find it abhorrent to tax vapers the same amount as smokers. They fear that this will only push more people towards traditional cigarettes. These associations are hoping to reduce vaping taxes, so that the public can recognize that vaping is a healthier and more cost-effective option.

These pro-vaping associations are further encouraging Europeans to vote in a referendum on the different taxes for vaping versus cigarettes. The public will have until September 3 to give its opinion on vaping products. In parallel, these associations have also started a petition against European vaping taxes.

The associations in question are hoping that the European Commission will finally acknowledge the difference between vaping and smoking traditional cigarettes. Vaping is much cheaper, both for consumers and governments, in terms of healthcare and social welfare costs. Cancelling the vaping tax will further legitimize the use of e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

The hope is that the European Commission will see the light and arrive at a decision by the end of the year. Ideally, the e-cigarette will be considered a common use product. Exempt from an additional tax, the electronic cigarette will thus become more accessible, especially for smokers hoping to quit smoking.

Associations that have already signed the petition:

Acvoda (Netherlands), Aiduce (France), Anesvape (Spain), ANPVU (Italy), Cyprus Vaping Association (Cyprus), DADAFO (Denmark), IG-ED (Germany), Initiativ Fräien Damp Lëtzebuerg (Luxembourg), La vape du Coeur (France), NNA Suitsuvaba Eesti (Estonia), NNA Sweden (Sweden), NNA UK (United Kingdom), ÖDC (Austria), Sovape (France), UBV-BDB (Belgium), Villanypára Egyesület (Hungary)


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