Cigalike, e-cigarette and mod: explanations

Let’s explore the different kind of e-cigarettes on the market: cigalike, cylindrical e-cigarette, box mod, mechanical box, etc.


A cigalike is a first generation e-cigarette. It looks very similarly to a traditional cigarette: light and thin with often an orange mouthpiece that looks like a cigarette filter, a white battery and a LED that lightens when the user takes a puff. Cigalikes usually include a disposable or a reusable battery as well as a cartridge and an atomizer merged in one single element: the cartomizer. An average vaper will need one to two disposable cigalikes per day. These first-generation e-cigs are less efficient than more recent devices but they really look like a cigarette, which can be appealing to some of us. For beginners, it can actually be important to have a device that looks like a cigarette.

Simple e-cigarette

Simple e-cigarettes are rechargeable devices, often cylindrical but with little technical complexity. There are no buttons and no screen. Technicity has been reduced to favor a great simplicity. But this product is rechargeable and the e-liquid tank is quite sufficient. You’ll find in this family the ego Aio, the eGo One, the Endura T18 or the PockeX.

Electronical mod

Mods are modular e-cigarettes that are often square (hence the name Mod Box), even if we can find some that are cylindrical. They have a screen with all the useful information, different buttons and are designed to be compatible with most atomizers.

Electronical mods are secured to protect both the battery and the user.

There are two main types of electronical mods: those with an integrated battery and those with a replaceable battery (that you can recharge with an exterior charger).


  • Replaceable batteries are interesting because you can replace them. Besides they have interesting power potential. Almost all mods that offer a hundred watts or more work with replaceable batteries. The main drawback is the weight of the battery. It also requires a large compartment.
  • Integrated batteries are easy to recharge, rather light and small. The problem is that once the battery is dead, you cannot change it and you’ll have to get rid of your vaping device.

Mechanical mod

Mechanical mods do not have any kind of electronics. They are rather made for expert vapers because of their complexity.

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