What are all these buttons on my e-cigarette?

You’ll usually find one or several buttons on your e-cigarette. But what are they used for? Here we focus mainly on the fire and the power settings buttons.

You’ll usually find one or several buttons on your e-cigarette. But what are they used for?

Fire button

The fire button is the button you’ll find on almost all electronic cigarettes. It’s usually located on the battery. This is the button that enables you to start your electronic cigarette. To start, you’ll need to push it 5 times in a row. If you want to switch it off, it’s easy, you need to repeat the same operation and push 5 times the button in a row. Pay attention to the little LED: if it starts flashing, it’s because you need to recharge your battery.

The fire button is often the only button you’ll find on standard electronic cigarettes. But if you have a mod-type e-cigarette, things get a little bit more complicated and you often have several buttons and a screen!

Power settings

These buttons are mainly used to set the power delivered by the mod. They also enable to navigate through the menu or to activate some functions such as the locking of the battery. By modulating the power or the voltage, you’ll be able to influence the vapor production, the flavor restitution and the hit. It will lead to totally different feelings.

And some e-cigarettes don’t have any button at all. Cigalikes for instance are activated by the inhale. They use an electronic depression detector, which, once it identifies the inhale, triggers the power.

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