What’s a vaper’s tongue?

V’aper’s tongue is a temporary, partial or total loss of taste. It also includes the sudden disgust you may have for an e-liquid that you liked in the past.

You’ve probably experienced in the past this vaper’s tongue phenomenon, even without being able to name it as such.

Short definition

It’s a temporary, partial or total loss of taste. Vaper’s tongue also includes the sudden disgust you may have for an e-liquid that you liked in the past.
If you vape all day long liquids that have lots of flavors, you will saturate your taste buds.
How can we define taste? Taste mainly comes from the tong and its taste buds. Human beings have between 2.000 and 10.000 taste buds that detect 5 different tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami flavors. The sense of smell also contributes to the taste.

What are the causes of vaper’s tongue?

Several reasons exist. The most common reason is that you’ve been vaping the same liquid for a long time. You can also have damaged taste buds, which happens to smokers (and dual users) and to those of us who love spicy or sour food.
Other causes include dehydration, blocked nose due to a cold or an allergy. Finally, according to some vapers, a clogged atomizer could also lead to vaper’s tongue.

How can you get rid of the symptoms?

  1. Change your e-liquid. It’s the most simple and most efficient solution.
  2. Use temporarily liquids that have more flavors.
  3. Drink a lot of water to clean your taste buds and hydrate yourself.
  4. Reset your taste buds with coffee. This technique is used by perfumers and sommeliers: sniffing fresh coffee beans allows to reset your taste.
  5. Bite into a lemon. It will be tangy but efficient if you don’t like coffee.
  6. Brush your teeth. And you’ll have a nice menthol taste!
  7. Use a clean atomizer with a coil in good condition.
  8. You can also use a dripper if you want to regularly change flavors!
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