What’s the difference between a high VG and a high PG juice?

You may have heard about the PG/VG ratio. This is simply the way these propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin share the base, which is 90% of the e-liquid.

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are the two main components of an e-liquid. They constitute the base, 90% of the composition of an e-liquid.

You may have heard about the PG/VG ratio? This is simply the way these two components share the 90% we’ve just talked about. Generally speaking, we say that an e-liquid is xx% PG and yy% VG.

High VG juice

An e-liquid that has a high VG content will enable you to make large vapor clouds. Cloud chasers and tricks performers use it all around the world. Those are generally liquids that are sweeter, with a rounder taste. They can even somewhat hide the flavors when the VG is extremely high. VG is also a viscous liquid. The more VG you’ll have in your juice, the quicker your material will clog.

High PG juice

On the contrary, an e-liquid with a high PG content will have a finer vapor cloud that will dissipate quickly. But it will be a true flavor enhancer and will sublimate the aromas. It’s more liquid than VG and will not clog your material as much as the VG. The PG will also increase the throat hit, which is mainly brought by nicotine.

What’s actually really interesting is that the PG/VG ratio varies according to the country. In France for instance, the standard is around 70 to 80% PG. In the US, the UK or in China, consumers have very different habits and PG is usually lower than 50% and we even have 100% VG juices. But whatever your liking may be, don’t worry! E-liquid manufacturers generally have wide ranges of products with different compositions, flavors and PG/VG ratios.

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