Is vaping slowing down in France?

 Is vaping slowing down in France?

recent study published by Santé Publique France showed that vaping was slowing down in France.

5.9% of the 15-75 years old declared they had adopted vaping in 2014. They were only 3.3% in 2016. However, the study does not include people who continue vaping. If for instance someone has started vaping the year before and keeps on vaping the year of the study, they will not be considered as « vaping adopters ».

Vaping could be slowing down in FranceAs far as experiencing the e-cigarette is concerned, 24.5% of the people aged 15 to 75 years old have tried it. The conclusion of the study is that « the experimentation is not on the rise, the product doesn’t attracte new consumers. The daily use among the 15-24 years old is decreasing. This shows that vaping can be considered as a trend which tends to be less popular among the youngest ».
This study also includes a social aspect. While the number of smokers is stalling, they appear to be a correlation between social income and tobacco use. The less income a person has, the more they will tend to smoke. And also have problems quitting.
Finally, 60% of smokers state they wish to stop smoking. And 85% of them say they know about the risks of tobacco, which kills 73 000 people per year in France.

E-cigarettes: a useful tool to fight against tobacco

A second survey on the electronic cigarette in France was conducted among 2 599 people. It concluded that 65% of former smokers have managed to quit thanks to the e-cig. This showed how efficient vaping can be to help smokers quit. 88% of the participants also stated that the electronic cigarette was simply one of the best ways to quit they had ever tried. Unfortunately, 53% of them admitted that they had smoked again since they went from smoking to vaping.



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