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Paris: smoking ban spreads to 52 parks

Anne Hidalgo has just announced a new smoking ban in 52 parks and gardens throughout France’s capital. Up until now, only 6 green spaces in Paris were affected by the current smoking ban. The mayor of Paris made the declaration on the global tobacco-free day. The goal of the decision is to limit the amount […]En savoir plus

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French health minister still opposed to vaping

Up until now, health minister Agnès Buzyn had never made an official statement considering her stance on electronic cigarettes. Today, however, she is speaking out, to the dismay of vaping fans throughout France. According to her spokesperson, the government is not ready to recognize the benefits of vaping. Agnès Buzyn recently responded to senator Yves Daudigny, […]En savoir plus

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Is the e-cigarette finally being considered a legitimate alternative to tobacco in France?

Has there finally been a shift in the way vaping is viewed in France? The Social Economic and Environmental Council (CESE) has just championed the benefits of vaping, especially in helping smokers give up traditional cigarettes. Up until now, French health authorities have not supported e-cigarettes, which are already considered a legitimate nicotine substitute in […]En savoir plus


France: cigarette sales fell by 10 % in 2018

Another piece of excellent news for vaping enthusiasts: tobacco sales in France have seen a net reduction. In 2018, sales fell by almost 10 % according to official figures. This encouraging news seems to confirm that anti-smoking policies are effective, although some are vocal in their disbelief of this fact. Provider Logista France has just released full figures […]En savoir plus

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France is reconsidering its position on vaping

After a tumultuous start in France, e-cigarettes are have finally been in the land of baguettes. Indeed, it appears that the false dichotomy between traditional cigarettes and vaping has been debunked: the CESE (The Economic, Social, and Environmental Council) has formerly expressed its interest in fighting tobacco addiction. The CESE, which advises on tobacco and […]En savoir plus

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France: explosion in the number of tobacco-addiction treatments

Nicotine addiction treatments had tremendous success between the months of March and September 2018. According to the national health insurance service, Assurance Maladie, prescriptions are up by 75%. This recent craze for tobacco substitutes can in part be explained by the “Prevention priority” program launched by Agnes Buzyn, France’s health minister. Since January 2018, the […]En savoir plus

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The Juul is coming to France

A few months ago, Juul Labs announced its imminent arrival in France, and a recent press release confirms it: the Juul is now available for purchase in France. Juul Labs, the vaping industry leader in the United States, is now hoping to find international success. Both new and old vapers can now try out the […]En savoir plus


France’s tobacco-free month sees a 54% increase in participation

France’s tobacco-free month, the “Mois sans Tabac,” was launched in 2016 and saw immediate, resounding success. The 2018 edition has also been extremely successful, thanks to a significant increase in the number of participants. Today, it appears that the general public is finally aware of the importance of initiatives to fight tobacco addiction.  France’s tobacco-free […]En savoir plus

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JTI France plans to develop new e-cigarettes

Following an intense debate and a fight to defend tobacco production, tobacco companies are now hoping to conquer the vaping market. Following the examples of British American Tobacco and Imperial Brands, it is now Japan Tobacco International’s (JTI) turn to invest in the vaping market. In fact, now that it has developed the Logic Pro […]En savoir plus