A Tesla battery in your e-cigarette!

 A Tesla battery in your e-cigarette!
Many electronic cigarettes use a 18650 battery, the most common model. This model actually indicates the dimensions of the battery. 18 stands for an 18mm diameter and 650 for a 650mm hight. However, different chemistries are available for a same dimension. The most common is IMR. But there are also many different technologies enabling to store electricity such as LiNMC, ICR, etc. Each names stands for the chemical elements that are used in the battery. There are also Li-Ion batteries, which are less common in the vaping industry. But that remain widely used in other applications such as smartphones, laptops and electric cars!

A Tesla battery in your e-cigarette!

By electric cars, we have Tesla in mind, Elon Musk’s brand, – Elon Musk is a famous billionaire who also created PayPal and SpaceX and inspired Robert Downey Jr. in his interpretation of Iron Man-. And the format used by Tesla in no other than the 18650! And yes, we can say that Tesla’s electronic cars work with e-cigarette batteries. 18650 Li-Ion batteries from Panasonic (NCR 18650B) that you can use freely to vape.
Beware though! If this technology offers a higher autonomy than others, it offers a discharge current that is not as important and you will not be able to use it with more than 10 amperes*.
Tesla has found a solution to this problem. They have multiplied the number of serial batteries (they have since then been using a new model 2170). But we do not advise you to use this model on an electronic cigarette, especially a mechanical mod. If however you are vaping with moderate power (up to 30 to 40 watts), these batteries offer with their 3400mAh a good alternative in terms of autonomy compared with the competition, which is however catching up with a new IMR generation. But the pleasure of vaping with a Tesla battery will remain!


*The amperage enables to calculate the maximum power of your electronic cigarette with the formula  permet de calculer la puissance maximale de votre cigarette électronique via la formule P = I x V (power = intensity times voltage). For a 4.2V voltage (fully charged battery), you will have a maximum of 42 watts (10A x 42V).


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