The e-cigarette market in the UK

The e-cigarette market in the UKElectronic cigarettes have managed to convince an ever growing population in many countries since 2010. In the UK most particularly, the success of the e-cigarette goes hand in hand with a decrease of tobacco use.
While tobacco use has reached its lowest level in the UK, the arrival of the electronic cigarette on the British market has played a major role as a substitute for former smokers.  In 2016, 2.9 million people used electronic cigarettes in the UK, turning the vaping business into a 1 billion british pounds market. which represents a 50% increase year on year. Some studies even say that the market could reach 2 billion pounds by 2020.
In 2015, the health agency Public Health England recognized the electronic cigarette as a nicotine substitute that could be used as part of stop smoking programs. This announcement, as well as the now famous health risks of traditional cigarettes led consumers to switch to vaping devices. One million former smokers would actually have managed to stop smoking by using electronic systems. Even though there are no long-term scientific studies on the risks of electronic cigarettes, it is certain that they are far less hazardous than tobacco products. The studies conducted by Public Health England actually consider that e-cigarette is 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

A slight decrease of the e-cigarette market in the UK

Despite the success of the electronic cigarette, a study published last March in the Telegraph showed that, for the first time, the electronic cigarette market was decreasing. Wihin a year, the percentage of people willing to try vaping products decreased from 69 to 62%. Some consumers still think the operation mode of e-cigarettes is unclear. Besides, there are no licensed products recognized as cessation devices.


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