Should we fear e-cigarette battery explosions?

 Should we fear e-cigarette battery explosions?

On August 1st 2017, an incident involving an e-cigarette revived the debate on the dangerous nature of e-cigarettes. A Toulousan saw his e-cigarette battery catch fire in the trunk of his car. Since 2009, different cases of fire or explosion took place, mainly across the Atlantic. E-cig users can therefore question the true risks of e-cigarettes and the potential personal injuries they can cause. But behind this dire picture, the situation is actually less worrying.

In the US, around 20 incidents that involved e-cigarettes took place between 2009 and 2014, and around 15 took place during the 2015-2016 period. People got more or less severe burns on their hands, their thighs and their faces. Each time, the same problem took place: the battery of the e-cigarette exploded. This kind of incident takes place when the poles of the battery touch a metallic object. An electric current is created which leads to an overheating of the battery which is then subject to fire and explosion.

Should we fear e-cigarette battery explosions?Most of the accidents are due to a bad use of the products. To avoid any risk, there’s one major rule to respect: never put an unprotected battery and a metallic object together. 

Besides, it has been proven that some incidents were caused by low-cost counterfeit batteries whose power was not adapted to the e-cig atomizer.

Safety standards

In April 2015, the Afnor agency published recommendations concerning safety standards for manufacturers. All the French producers today respect the legislation, which is not the case for all countries. Purchasing French products is the best way to ensure a safe vaping.


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