Some advice to stop smoking during summer time

 Some advice to stop smoking during summer time

Some advice to stop smoking during summer timeSmoking cessation is still a sensitive topic for many French people. According to a survey done by Ifop, two thirds of the smokers have already tried to stop smoking but without success. Summertime, with its more peaceful days, could be the perfect moment to stop smoking. The French magazine Femme Actuelle has seized the opportunity to give us the following advice to finally get rid of cigarettes.  

Cigarettes are often used by smokers as a stress-relieving device.  But other methods can be used to achieve the same goal. Relaxation exercises or regular sports activies are two good ways to change your habits. Meditation techniques can also help to reduce and even stop tobacco use. Well-known methods such as yoga, sophrology or meditation have a true impact on smoking habits. According to some people, hypnosis can also be recommended.

The best way to stop smoking is to get some help. It can for instance be a friend or a relative who’s also trying to stop smoking. Nicotine substitutes can also help a lot. The tobaccologist Anne-Laurence le Faou, who is interviewed by Femme Actuelle suggests the use of nicotine gums, patches or electronic cigarettes.

Finally, don’t hide behind bad excuses! Many smokers are anxious about stopping by fear of stress or gaining weight. Surveys have however shown that the anxiety lowers after a few weeks and only one third of former smokers have gained more than 4 kilos in the process.

A new life for former smokers

But what’s to expect after that? A new life for former smokers. « Once the first difficult first weeks are behind them, former smokers are less depressed, less stressed out and less anxious than those who continue to smoke », professor Yves Martinet, the President of the National anti-smoking Committee explains. Getting rid of cigarettes also enables to enjoy flavors again and to regain the sense of smell. 


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