According to a Belgian study, e-cigarettes are essential to reduce tobacco use

 According to a Belgian study, e-cigarettes are essential to reduce tobacco use

This Belgian study, which was presented by Brent Boermans at the Louvain University of Pyschological sciences and was also reported by the journal la Libre Belgique, concluded that electronic cigarettes are even more efficient to stop smoking than other means such as nicotine substitutes or medical treatments.

To reach these conclusions, Brent Boermans was helped by a team of tobaccologists. Together they followed 53 people who wished to stop smoking. Several methods were made available to them: medical treatment, nicotine substitutes and e-cigarettes (which could be used separately or combined with nicotine substitutes).

e-cigarettes are essential to reduce tobacco useAfter the first month of treatment, 75% of the participants had totally stopped smoking. E-cigarettes users were also 75%. For the people who were using nicotine substitute, the figure decreased to 70% while it decreased to 67% for those who were using both nicotine substitutes and e-cigarettes. As for the people under medical treatment, they were 100% to have stopped smoking.

After one trimester, only 51% of the people had totally stopped smoking: 75% if the e-cigarette users, 67% of the people using both nicotine substitutes and e-cigs, 43% of the people under medical treatment and 30% of the people using nicotine substitutes.

This study underlines the major differences in tobacco use reduction depending on the method used to stop smoking. It also shows that e-cigarettes are the most efficient way to definitely stop smoking. Indeed, people using vaping devices had 1.69 more chance than the others to stop smoking on the long term. These results are more than encouraging!


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