London subway panicks after the explosion of an e-cigarette battery

 London subway panicks after the explosion of an e-cigarette battery

London subway panicksThe Euston subway station, located in Northern London was evacuated last August 29, due to the explosion of an e-cigarette battery. There were no injuries.

The Euston station is a central hub for interurban trains and one of the most populated subway stations in London. The accident was strongly discussed on social media. The British Transport Police was dispatched immediately to maintain order and investigate the causes of the explosion. After the evacuation of the station, dogs from the bomb squad were sent on the platforms to look for potential explosives to no avail. The investigation concluded that around 7.40pm, a handbag that contained an electronic cigarette started smoking.

The incident led to subway passengers fleeing the scene, rushing outside of Euston station. Network Rail has actually advised subway users to change their route in order to avoid the station and its surroundings, which were crowded with people.

​​London subway - an e-cigarette explosesThe Unions have acknowledged the successful organization which was put in place to handle the accident, as Lorraine Ward from the Transport Salaried Staffs Association explains. « It is a testament to all our public and emergency service workers that no one was hurt as people tried to flee the station ». She also added that « our members are trained to deal with the sort of situations but they were all tested under real fire last night. It’s right that their opinion should be fed into a review of procedures so we can know whether there are lessons for us on how to better protect the public and members working at stations in the future ».

London Subway - Police​​The station has reopened since then and everything came back in order. However, this accident reminds us one more time how important it is to protect your batteries when travelling, and to always make sure that your e-cigarette is switched off when you store it. If you would like to know more about batteries and safe vaping, we’ve talked about this subject a couple of times here and there.


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