According to a new study, e-cigarettes are useful tools in smoking cessation

Since the appearance of vaping, scientific studies have been led to prove its health benefits, especially the cancer risk decrease compared with tobacco. But studies are not stopping here since they also intend to look into e-cigarettes’ impact in smoking cessation, as explained by a Forbes articles.
And results seem to lean in this direction. A study was published in BMJ in July 2017, and followed 100.000 Americans. This study actually confirms a growing increase of e-cigarette use linked with decreasing tobacco use figures.
Similar results were reached in another study which was published in the Nicotine & Tobacco review in August 2017. According to this study, there’s a clear link between e-cigarette use and a high success rate of tobacco use cessation.

These different results show a significant impact of the e-cigarette on tobacco use reduction. But some doubts remain regarding this cause and effect relationship. Indeed, studies conducted until now do not distinguish punctual e-cig users from regular e-cig users.

Frequency of use is a key success factor

E-cigarettes are useful tools in smoking cessation - Georgetown UniversityThe last study we will focus on was published in Nicotine & Tobacco. It was led by Professor David T. Levy and his team from Georgetown University. He analyzes further the reasons for the failure of tobacco cessation despite using e-cigarettes. The data shows that the frequency of use is a key success factor in succeeding to stop tobacco use. Actually, if those who vape quite seldom have a high failure rate in tobacco cessation, those who vape several times a day and for several months have higher chances to succeed.
Future studies should enable to confirm this link between e-cigarette and tobacco cessation, but it’s important to closely monitor the frequency of use of vaping.


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