Vaping frequency is key in tobacco use cessation

 Vaping frequency is key in tobacco use cessation

Vaping frequency is key in tobacco use cessationThis is the largest study ever to be made among smokers. It focused on more than 24.500 participants in the US. The TUS-CPS study, which stands for Tobacco Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey was led by searchers from the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Georgetown University in Washington. The goal was to analyze the link between the frequency of use of a vaping device and tobacco use cessation.

« Quit success is higher among those with at least 5 days use of e-cigarettes in the last month. And chances to stop smoking increase by 10% per additional day of e-cigarette use »

The data collected unveils interesting information. First, they show that making a quit attempt was more likely among smokers using e-cigarettes than non-users.

Georgetwon Lombardi: study on vaping frequency

We also learn that there is a clear link between the frequency of vaping and tobacco use reduction. Therefore, the more you vape, the less you’ll risk smoking again. Over a one-month period, participants who have vaped once or twice were more likely to resume smoking than those who had vaped at least 5 times.

The study even states that above 5 days of vaping, the chances to stop smoking increase by 10% per day of vaping.

E-cigarette is a useful tool to stop smoking

David Levy, a professor at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center talks about the conclusions. « These results support the use of e-cigarettes — especially, consistent use — as an effective smoking cessation aid. Since e-cigarettes are generally estimated to have a small proportion of the mortality risks of cigarettes, this represents an important life-saving intervention that doctors can recommend when other forms of treatment fail. ».



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