5 reasons why vaping is bigger than smoking in the UK

Over the past few years, e-cigarettes have taken market share away from traditional tobacco products, especially in countries where stricter tobacco control regulations have been implemented. This happened in the UK, where there was a strong growth of the vaping market. Here are the main reasons, as introduced by ShoutOut UK.

5 reasons why vaping is bigger than smoking in the UK

A health necessity

Tobacco kills millions of people every year in the world and this is the main reason behind the success of e-cigs. E-cigarettes are indeed a lot less harmful than tobacco products. Numerous preventions campaigns have also alerted the public about cigarettes and encouraged the shift.

An alternative without smoke

E-cigs are used by many smokers who want to stop smoking. And they do not produce any smoke. This is a major asset for former smokers who can both reduce their tobacco use and improve the air quality for their family and friends.

A more attractive product

E-cigarettes are very successful in the UKElectronic cigarettes have a more modern look and less health warning messages than tobacco products. This means a nicer packaging, many functionalities and flavors. And e-cigarette often rhymes with elegance.


More freedom

Since 2007, it’s forbidden to smoke in public spaces, in pubs and in workplaces in the UK. Many places are now banned to smokers. On the contrary, vaping is still authorized in many places.

A trendy product

The public has little by little favored the electronic cigarette. It is definitely less dangerous and more modern, and it has become a true fashion accessory. Already trendy in the UK, vaping could still develop in the coming years and become even trendier.


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