NHS Scotland ackowledges vaping is less harmful than smoking

 NHS Scotland ackowledges vaping is less harmful than smoking

While no study has been made concerning the long-term impact of electronic cigarettes, NHS Scotland, the Scottish National Health Agency, has declared for the first time that e-cigarettes are « definitely less harmful than tobacco« . This annoucement confirms the strong interest of the British authorities for vaping. Indeed, the e-cigarette increasingly appears as a successful and harmless tobacco cessation device. 

NHS Scotland ackowledges vaping is less harmful than smokingNHS Health Scotland has publically clarified its position towards vaping through one of their Directors, Doctor Andrew Fraser.

Andrew Fraser - NHS Health ScotlandIn an interview with the BBC, he presented electronic cigarettes as « a lot safer » than traditional tobacco cigarettes. He also insisted on the fact that they are « a good option to consider » for people who are trying to stop smoking. This statement was unanimously approved by the Scottish government, the Academic world and several non-profit organizations. It supports Public Health England and their conclusions that vaping was 95% less harmful than tobacco products.

The fight against tobacco is successful in the UK

NHS Health ScotlandWith 2.9 millions vapers in the UK, the country has become one of the leading countries in favor of vaping in Europe. Many measures were taken to reduce the number of smokers, including the regular increase of the cigarette pack price. The British public authorities convey a very positive message by presenting e-cigarettes as a safe and credible alternative to smoking. Their goal is to encourage smokers to decrease their nicotine addiction through vaping. Since 2016, and in the same spirit of openness, electronic cigarettes are authorized in the gardens of Scottish hospitals. On the contrary, traditional tobacco cigarettes are banned there.


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