Vaping and sports combined to stop smoking

 Vaping and sports combined to stop smoking

Cigarette smoking is a worldwide health scourge that leads to more than 480.000 deaths per year. It causes cancers, cardio-vascular or respiratory diseases. Nicotine, which is contained in cigarettes, is the main cause of tobacco addiction.

Two solutions have recently been explored to help tobacco-dependent smokers decrease their consumption. The reduction of nicotine intake can be obtained by the use of e-cigarette and sporting activities. The goal is obviously to stop smoking completely.

Indeed, it’s hard to stop smoking overnight, due to the stress and the anxiety caused by nicotine deprivation. By using an e-cigarette, where an e-liquid is heated, users are able to fine-tune their nicotine intake decrease. This seems like a perfect alternative to eliminate gradually tobacco and nicotine, all the while avoiding the cravings.

The progressive reduction of nicotine intake will enable smokers to get rid of their addiction. But they might still feel that something is missing. And this is where sports are so important. Sports will enable to better manage stress by replacing cigarette smoking during the most difficult times of the day when you really feel like smoking.

Vaping and sports combined to stop smoking

Moreover, if you exercise, you’ll be able to lose weight which is great given that most of the time, when you stop smoking, you gain weight. Even though we’ve recently seen that vaping will not necessarily lead to those extra kilos linked to tobacco cessation, you’ll be able to regain your breath with sports. Le sport et la vape, combinaison gagnante pour arrêter de fumerIndeed, after a few years smoking, you might have experienced shortness of breath. Several studies have actually concluded that tobacco was the cause of respiratory diseases.

Electronic cigarettes and sports appear as a winning duo. Their objective is to help you get rid of cigarettes for good, while regaining your breath and keeping your figure intact!


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