An exploding e-cigarette injures a man in Paris

 An exploding e-cigarette injures a man in Paris

Pompidou Hospital

paris batteries vapeOn Thursday October 19th, a young man was rushed to the hospital after the explosion of his e-cigarette. The injuries are not fatal, however French authorities are taking this issue very seriously, as it could have been much worse. Initial reports from police indicate that the battery caused the explosion.

The incident occurred as the 22-year old man was wandering the 15th arondissement in Paris.  First, the man reported feeling intense heat coming from his trouser pocket. His first reflex was to remove the electronic cigarette, but the devide slid further into the trouser pocket and exploded. Burning liquid quickly spread along the man’s right thigh and hand.

Pompidou Hospital
Pompidou Hospital

Emergency services were quick to respond to apply first aid. Once transported to the Georges Pompidou hospital of Paris, medical staff noted second-degree burns along the thigh and hand.

Precautions to take to limit risks

This is not the first time that an accident such as this one has been reported in the media. Also, the French government antitrust and fraud division (DGCCRF) recently issued warnings concerning precautions to take to  minimise risks when using vaping gear.

E-cigarettes must be transported in a waterproof sleeve or package, protected from external heat sources.  Care must also be taken to minimise impacts which may damage the device.

In 2016, American medical practitioners made various statements concerning potential explosions of electronic cigarettes. Conclusions pointed to cheap, non-regulated products circulating on the market. It is recommended to only purchase products which have been safety tested and offer guarantees. To be sure of purchasing safer products, choose those that are stamped with the CE certification.


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