The fight against nicotine, the FDA’s major challenge for 2018

 The fight against nicotine, the FDA’s major challenge for 2018

The FDA, one of the primary health organizations in the USA, is taking advantage of the end of the year to set its priorities straight for 2018. Indeed, the FDA has defined the fight against “nicotine in cigarettes” as one of its primary goals for the coming year. The objective is to “serve the interests of public health.”

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Scott Gottlieb, director of the FDA, recently published a presentation of strategic objectives for 2018 on the FDA website. The document brings up “two serious dangers to public health”: drug dependency and the health effects of nicotine from traditional cigarettes.

Inspired by its director’s words, the FDA is hoping to adopt “a new global approach” and develop “significant measures” to fight against the dangers of nicotine. With this in mind, an ANPR (Advance Note of Proposed Rulemaking) has been opened, providing an invitation to the public to propose potential solutions to effectively fight against nicotine in tobacco products.


A more lenient policy towards e-cigarettes in 2018?

fda nicotineIt is interesting to note that the FDA is only pointing the finger at the nicotine contained in traditional cigarettes. Consequently, the agency may be more lenient towards other, less harmful devices, such as e-cigarettes. Scott Gottlieb’s statement notably brings up future measures that might “facilitate innovation in products that can provide satisfactory levels of nicotine in adults.”

The FDA’s announcement suggests an open-minded policy considering e-cigarettes in the USA in 2018. Indeed, more often than not, E-cigarettes are now seen as a potential nicotine substitute for heavy smokers.

However, the FDA has repeatedly mentioned, “regulating the flavor of tobacco products. The goal is to prevent young people from smoking. So where do e-cigarettes stand in all of this? These new regulations may also be applied to e-liquids, but as of now, the FDA has not provided additional information.



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