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Scott Gottlieb accused of being too lax on e-cigarettes

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has one of the most prominent figures anti-vaping voices in the USA. Apparently, in a shocking revelation, he regrets not taking a stricter stance on the issue. A stunning statement after a range of political players have accused the commissioner of contributing to the under-age vaping epidemic. Gottleib made the statement during the […]En savoir plus

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The FDA under fire by anti-vaping organisations in the USA

The Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA) was rolled out on August 8th, 2016. This means new responsibilities for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The organisation must deliver market authorisations for any product in the electronic cigarette sector. The FDA has stated this is an impossible task that will slow down the organisation and hinder its effectiveness. Given the unknowns in […]En savoir plus


Kit Harington (Jon Snow) is a pro-vaping advocate

For decades, movie stars were the unofficial mascots of the cigarette industry. Internal documents revealed years after the fact indicated that cigarette companies rolled out product placement from 1927 to 1990! Today, it looks like e-cigs are the next generation movie star accessory. A new famous actor has come out in defence of vaping: Kit Harington, AKA […]En savoir plus

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The FDA maintains strict vaping policy despite the new commissioner

Former director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Ned Sharpless has just taken the position of FDA commissioner. The nomination was made in the wake of Scott Gottlieb’s unexpected resignation, declared only months ago. Rumours were quick to spread. There was allegedly talk of relaxing the pressure being put on vaping manufacturers. But Ned Sharpless was quick […]En savoir plus