E-cigarettes soon to be available for sale in British hospitals?

 E-cigarettes soon to be available for sale in British hospitals?

A study conducted by a group of British doctors in the United Kingdom has already concluded that e-cigarettes are much safer than smoking tobacco. Today, British health authorities are going a step further by encouraging e-cigarettes as a legitimate alterative to tobacco. Consequently, e-cigarettes may soon be sold in British hospitals.

A report from Public Health Engalnd (PHE) released on February 6 suggests that vaping has become the most popular tool for weaning smokers off of tobacco in the United Kingdom. In addition, e-cigarettes are regularly used by 3 million people. According to the same report, the electronic cigarette could help at least 20,000 smokers quit tobacco. Each year, 79,000 people die as a result of traditional cigarettes.

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Encouraging smokers to try e-cigarettes

Health authorities decided to help people quit smoking by encouraging them to vape. For this purpose, they have proposed replacing smoking areas with spaces dedicated to e-cigarettes in hospitals. The experiment is already underway in Colchester and Ipswich hospitals. Where “Vapor-friendly” zones have been set up in former smoking areas.

Health authorities now want to go to the next level by allowing spaches for dedicated e-cigarette merchandise within hospitals. They told The Guardian that their goal is to try and change the habits of the 40% of smokers who have never tried vaping.

At the same time, PHE wants health professionals and tobacco specialists to encourage smokers to try e-cigarettes. The goal of this is to change the opinion of thousands of people who still think vaping is dangerous.


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